military veteran patriot

On this Veterans Day 2022, on behalf of the AMAC Foundation team, I want to thank those American Veterans who have served our country and continue to bless us with their presence. Today is a day of honoring those who completed their service, sacrificing so much so we can continue to call ourselves Americans –  time spent with family, missing out on kids growing up, milestones, and moments they cannot get back. A special thanks to their family and friends as well, we know it was hard for you too.

AMAC Foundation continues to support our Veterans through a resource library, full of information and tools for our Veterans and their families. We are excited to have the Foundation Veteran Outreach Program (FVOP) in the works, with an early 2023 launch – a program that brings together other Veteran-focused, like-minded organizations who work to help support our Veterans. This program will extend our networking capabilities for collaborations that we aim will make a difference in the lives of many Veterans.

God Bless the United Stated of America
and Our Veterans on this Veterans Day