For Veterans

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) has long held the support of our country’s armed forces Veterans to be a priority. In fact, AMAC founder Dan Weber served in the U.S. Air Force and felt strongly that Veteran entrepreneurship and the Veteran community were key ingredients in the strength of our nation and its economy. AMAC’s affinity with the Veteran community is deep, with roughly 75% of the families in our membership having a direct Veteran connection, and with 31% of our 2 million+ members having served in the military.

AMAC Foundation has recently expanded its support for the Veterans Community. The AMAC Foundation Veteran Outreach Program (FVOP), in collaboration with related support organizations nationwide, will serve to educate and inform American Veterans on programs and policies that will improve their lines in honor of their service to our Nation. The Foundation’s initial focus for this collaboration will center on:

  • Encouraging patriotic service
  • Veteran suicide prevention
  • Veteran transition to civilian life
  • Veterans in small business (training and opportunities)

A critical part of this outreach is the building of alliances with organizations similarly dedicated to supporting the Veteran community, and it’s in this spirit that we’ve reached out to several like-minded organizations in a project designed to build a stronger, more focused voice for the Veteran community.