Social Security Seminar 2023

We’ve found that many of the Social Security questions cluster around a handful of basic areas. With this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to provide an update on these most commonly queried subjects, and at the same time provide an update on some of the changes applicable to 2023. To learn more, view / listen to the Social Security Seminar 2023.


The AMAC Foundation’s Social Security Advisory Service handled over 28,000 calls for help in understanding Social Security.



In keeping with AMAC Foundation’s mission of “Supporting and Educating America’s Seniors,” here is a recording of our seminar where attendees can get the facts straight from our staff of accredited National Social Security Advisors.

Join our Social Security Advisors who will refresh you on many of the basic Social Security rules you need to understand!

Our Social Security topics will include:

The basics – Eligibility & Full Retirement Age (FRA)

When/How to file

Taxation of Benefits

Disability Basics

Spousal Benefits

Surviving Spouse Benefits

…and much more!