In this wide ranging podcast, CPA Dave Hall interviews Russ Gloor, Social Security Advisor for the AMAC Foundation and author of the popular “Ask Rusty” series of publications. Retirement Risk Advisors is a Nevada-based company which provides educational services to CPAs nationwide, including a weekly podcast addressing the needs of CPAs who counsel their clients about retirement.

In this program, Dave Hall and Russ Gloor discuss several topics, starting with information about the AMAC Foundation and the services it provides, moving on to some typical Social Security benefit scenarios which are regularly encountered, and finally about solvency of the federal Social Security program. 

But more than just discussing the solvency problem, the podcast also highlights a solution to Social Security’s financial issues being proposed to Congress by the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC). Fast moving and informative, this podcast provides important information all Social Security beneficiaries, and those aging into Social Security, should be aware of.

”There is no question that Social Security must be reformed to come to grips with today’s reality.” – Russell Gloor

Audio featured on the Retirement Risk Show – Retirement Risk Advisors

Key Topics: 

  • History of discussions about the insolvency of Social Security, the current state of the program, and possible solutions
  • The advantages of delaying claiming Social Security and how it can impact lifetime benefits
  • Overview of the Social Security Guarantee proposal from AMAC to address the solvency issue
  • Discussion of myths and misunderstandings surrounding Social Security, including the idea that people won’t get back what they’ve paid into the program
  • Importance of understanding Social Security as a critical component of retirement planning

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