Editor note: The following article has been provided to AMAC Foundation and our readers by Donna Erickson. Donna Erickson is a retired public educator. She created Fit Memory with a few friends as a way to promote wellness among senior citizens with the hopes it will help inspire others to make the most of their golden years.

As we reach our senior years, we start to think about all of the ways that we can enjoy every day and make smart decisions so we can live a long and happy life. The key is self-care, and as a senior, there are many ways that you can add this essential element into your daily routine. Here are some tips from AMAC Foundation for how seniors can take control of mental and physical health.

Exercise Will Always Be the Key

No matter your age, exercise and physical activity will always be the key to a healthy body. You may not always be in the mood or have the energy for a marathon run, but you can get the fitness that your body needs by getting in 150 minutes of exercise every week, which breaks down to about 20 minutes a day. During that time, you can walk around the neighborhood if it’s pedestrian friendly, lift some light weights, practice yoga, or anything in between.

There are many benefits to exercise. In addition to the ability to keep your body strong and tight, exercise will also give you the natural energy that will get you through the day.

Staying Busy and Keeping Your Mind Active

While many seniors choose to spend their older years relaxing and enjoying their retirement, others make it a point to stay busy and try new things. Either way is fine, but if you plan to stay busy, then you can do so while also exercising your mental health by doing engaging activities like completing puzzles and making crafts. Even simple activities like journaling and painting can keep your mind working and you never know what you’ll create.

Visiting a Doctor to Manage Your Health

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to proactively manage our health. Unfortunately, many seniors find it difficult to get the care they need due to transportation issues or a lack of resources. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help seniors to improve their health without having to leave the comfort of their homes: online doctor services. A virtual doctor visit saves time and provides seniors with convenient access to quality medical care. In addition, online doctor services can help to reduce wait times and make it easier to get prescriptions filled. As a result, online doctor services offer a convenient and affordable way for seniors to improve their health.

Spending Time Outside

Whether you are exercising or taking a stroll through town, it is a good idea to spend time outdoors as a senior. The fresh air can be very refreshing and sunlight is great for your body as it delivers vitamin D that helps to maintain our bone health and prevents damage to the muscles if you happen to fall. Walking through nature is especially good for your mind because all of that greenery brings our minds back to a natural place where we feel at ease and our troubles can melt away.


If you are looking for activities that you can do outside, then consider gardening if you have the space. Gardening is awesome for your physical health because the digging and manual labor keeps your muscles strong and you can grow healthy foods that will help your body thrive. Gardening is also good for your mental health because in addition to keeping busy, you are also watching your work in front of your own eyes as a small seed turns into a gorgeous plant and you can know that you made that happen.

If you’re just getting into gardening, there are many helpful online resources available. Be sure to consult guides as needed to keep your plants thriving.


Many seniors consider downsizing their homes as they approach their later years. There are several benefits to downsizing, including reduced financial burdens, maintenance and upkeep, and an overall simplification of living spaces. Finding a smaller, more affordable home in the same area can also help seniors maintain their connections with their communities. Older adults may also appreciate a smaller home that requires less physical upkeep as they age, including limiting the need to climb stairs or maintain large lawns or gardens. Downsizing can also reduce clutter and allow seniors to better organize their belongings, leading to a less stressful environment. Additionally, moving to a smaller home can be an opportunity for seniors to explore new hobbies, build new social connections, and enjoy all that their community has to offer.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can take control of your mental and physical health as a senior whether you’re exercising, downsizing your home, or learning to garden. Consider these tips and make your own fun and you will stay sharp for years to come.

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*Image provided by author, via Pexels