On August 9, the AMAC Foundation conducted the first edition of its eagerly-awaited seminars covering the rapidly evolving in-home entertainment marketplace. Before a full house of attendees at the Lady Lake Library, volunteers from the local Best Buy Geek Squad staff covered the post popular streaming and video services, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, along with a variety of streaming devices including Slingcast, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. The number of questions popping up during the presentation was startling, showing the level of interest that exists among seniors.

Our speakers for the seminar were James Lago, Lady Lake Geek Squad Supervisor, and Zach Newman, Geek Squad’s Head PC Repair Agent. Their command of the products available and the differences from one service or device to another served to produce an extremely informative seminar. In addition to covering the specific services and products, James and Zach provided an explanation of the concept of a “smart TV,” as well as ways that non-smart TVs can be turned into a smart TV.

The full one-hour recording of the seminar is available for access via the AmacFoundation website. To view it, follow these steps:

In you browser, enter AmacFoundation.org/live

Click the “Watch Again” button

Scroll down a bit further to download the slides used in the seminar

Due to the popularity of this program, we have scheduled a repeat session on Tuesday, October 17 at the Lady Lake Library, although the available seats for this session have already been filled, but you can of course view the seminar live via the website (AmacFoundation.org/live) at 10:00 am on that date. We’ve also begun a wait list for the third edition of the program, and we’re working on a date right now. It will likely be held during the latter part of January, 2018. Feel free to contact the Founcation Office (888-750-2622) for more information.

In the photo below left, check out James and Zach in action. The center photo is a shot of our own Sean Kennedy manning the Livestream camera, and the photo at right is the event registration desk, manned by Sandra Sinagra and Eileen Cook.