It’s been well over a year since COVID-19 descended on us, bringing with it a fresh and focused concern for a wide variety of hygiene issues, one of the main ones being the frequent use of hand sanitizers. Suddenly, most of us became acutely aware of what we touch and where are hands go after we touch something, and we began to look beyond just the simplicity of frequent handwashing. Enter the prominence of something so many of us took for granted for so long–the importance of using hand sanitizers as a means to stem the spread of germs and viruses.

As the general population focused en masse on hand sanitizers, another amazing aspect of pandemic life quickly emerged…product shortages. Various types and brands of hand sanitizers were readily available just about everywhere up until March of 2020, only to disappear in what seemed to be a flash! Manufacturers scrambled to feed the demand, with some entering the fray from different vantage points in an attempt to fill the gap (remember the efforts by distilleries to revamp their production capabilities to enter this marketplace?) It was a kind of madhouse for awhile, as shelves remained bare and folks searched in vain for suitable products to meet this need for improved day-to-day hygiene.

So, months into the pandemic, a resilient economy began to produce the desired products, and shoppers were once again greeted with choices of bacteria-removing aids. All was well again, until we realized that what we thought was generally believed to be a great preventive tool might not be as effective as we thought. In simpler terms, it was leaned that not all hand sanitizers are as effective as we hoped, especially given the intensity of the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, there has been considerable research done over the past few years to shed light on hand sanitizers and their effectiveness. We are fortunate that our contacts at The Derm Review, a comprehensive source on skin care products and cosmetic ingredients, have made available their “Guide to Hand Sanitizers” resource. The Guide provides a wealth of information explaining the capabilities and shortcomings of various types of hand sanitization products and provides a glimpse into effective techniques for their use.

The “Guide to Hand Sanitizers” document can be accessed here…

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