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Social Security Podcast 1: AMAC & Foundation intro, SSAS overview history, Ask Rusty overview, Advisor intros, 2019 SS facts and figures; Sample question: When to Retire?

March 25, 2019 | Presenting: AMAC Foundation Social Security Advisory Staff

This podcast introduces the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) and the AMAC Foundation, the Foundations Social Security Advisory Service and its “Ask Rusty” Q&A initiative, and provides some interesting details about the U.S. Social Security program. The dialog also discusses one of the most frequently received questions: Determining when to retire.

This recording presents the viewpoints of the AMAC Foundation’s Social Security Advisory Staff, trained and accredited under the National Social Security Advisors program of the National Social Security Association, LLC (NSSA). NSSA and the AMAC Foundation are not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Government, the Social Security Administration, or any other state government. To request additional information, contact our Advisory Staff at 888-750-2622, or email us at [email protected].