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Ask Rusty – Can I Claim My SS Now and Switch to Spouse Benefits Later?

April 21, 2021 | Presenting: Russell Gloor - AMAC Foundation Social Security Advisor

I am 62 and have been a homemaker for much of my adult life. I have a small Social Security account from working years ago. My husband is older, has been the major wage earner and will have a good amount in Social Security when he claims.

I have been told that I should claim my social security now. It’s a small amount – about $475 per month if I claim it now, and $550 after I’m age 66 – so it’s not a life changing difference. But if I claim mine now, when my husband reaches his full retirement age can I switch to claiming spousal benefits on his account? I understand I would no longer get mine, but I’m pretty sure my benefit from him will be a much larger amount. Signed: Inquiring Homemaker

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