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Ask Rusty – Should I Claim Social Security Now? 

December 27, 2022 | Presenting: Russell Gloor - AMAC Foundation Social Security Advisor

Dear Rusty: I am 68 years old, born in July 1954. I have the credits necessary to qualify for benefits. The Social Security website says that if I continue to work to age 70 with yearly earnings of $206,000, my monthly benefit would be $4,245. If I stop working now, and start taking benefits in January 2023, my benefit would be $3778. The number of months between January 2023 and July 2024 is 19. Nineteen months of benefits for that period would be $71,782. It looks like it would take about 17 years to make up the difference between taking the money in January vs. waiting until age 70, which would put me at age 85. I don’t think that I would live much past that age, given my family history. Do you think it wise on my part to begin taking benefits in January 2023, and are my calculations correct? Signed: Trying to Decide

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