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Ask Rusty – Should I Claim Early Due to Social Security’s Financial Condition?

March 28, 2022 | Presenting: Russell Gloor - AMAC Foundation Social Security Advisor

Dear Rusty: I plan on retiring at 62, one year from now. I have been coached to (if financially possible) leave my Social Security earnings for my wife to collect in the future if I die, considering that she was a homemaker for the majority of her income earning years. My instinct is to get Social Security coming (I understand I’m settling for a lesser amount at age 62) as soon as possible considering the forecast of our government’s inability to fund Social Security for the rest of my life. No one has a crystal ball, and no one knows what our government will or will not be able to fund even into next week, so we weigh what we know and see, and then decide. Is my question clear? Signed: Skeptical

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