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Ask Rusty – My Husband Still Works; Must He Enroll in Medicare at age 65?

March 14, 2022 | Presenting: Russell Gloor - AMAC Foundation Social Security Advisor

Dear Rusty: There is confusion between my husband and me on when he should file for Medicare. My husband will be 64 in July. While he does plan on continuing to work to age 67 and continuing with his employer’s insurance plan, I believe there’s a requirement that he file for a certain part of the Medicare retirement plan at age 65, otherwise there’s some penalty at some point in the future after retirement. There’s lots of confusion with this, and I’m hoping you can explain exactly what the process is in filing for Medicare at age 65 and after reaching full retirement age. Also, please comment on whether continuing with employers’ insurance is an option or if you should file for Medicare at age 65. Signed: Confused About Medicare

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