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Ask Rusty – About Paying SS Tax While Still Working

November 1, 2021 | Presenting: Russell Gloor - AMAC Foundation Social Security Adevisor

Dear Rusty: Upon being let go in 2009 at age 65 from my full time job of 30 years, I immediately applied for Social Security for my wife and I to live on while seeking employment. Not finding anything full time, I ended up working part time for the past 9 years driving a school bus for an hourly wage. Even though my wife and I are collecting Social Security, my wages are still being taxed for it. While I don’t feel this is fair, the real rub (to me) is the fact that my Social Security payroll deductions for the past nine years do not seem to be resulting in an increase in the amount of Social Security we receive. Meanwhile, a friend, who is our age and a business owner, mentioned the amount he is taxed for SS as a sole proprietor is somehow being returned to him from time to time. Therefore, could you please explain what’s happening here and whether we are due some kind of adjustment? Signed: Working Still at 74

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