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It is a myth that seems to never die and one that persistently causes angst among Social Security beneficiaries – that, over the years, politicians have stolen money from Social Security. Especially in our current times, with much media attention given to Social Security’s looming financial issues, accusations of Congressional squandering of Social Security’s money fly wildly across the internet. Such missives usually suggest a simple solution to Social Security’s financial woes – make Congress repay the money they stole. But here’s the problem with that: no money has ever been stolen from Social Security by any politician, Congressperson or President. All Social Security money ever collected since workers started contributing to the program in 1937 is accounted for and has been used for one purpose only – paying benefits to those eligible and operating the federal agency tasked with doing so, as explained in this Encore Edition of a previous Ask Rusty article. If you prefer to listen to the Ask Rusty Encore Edition, click here.