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It sometimes seems like working and collecting Social Security benefits at the same time are like oil and water – they do not mix. That’s especially true for anyone who claims Social Security before reaching their full retirement age (FRA), because if work earnings exceed an annual limit, it can result in some (or perhaps all) of their Social Security benefits being taken away. But that isn’t true for those who have reached their Social Security full retirement age (FRA) – once someone attains FRA there is no longer a limit to how much they can earn from working. Problem is, so many people have a vague understanding that working and collecting benefits can be a problem, and assume that issue lasts forever, which is not true. In this encore edition of a June 2023 Ask Rusty article, an 80 year old Social Security recipient wants to return to work, but is worried about if, or how, it will affect his monthly benefit. To find out, read this encore Ask Rusty article at this link, or listen to it at this link.