The official edition of our Foundation’s 2021 Annual Report has been published, and is available for review on our website’s “Resources” page. Interested parties can use the following link to access the report directly: Just click on the box labeled “2021 Annual Report” and you’ll be treated to a complete wrap-up of our organization’s activities and accomplishments for the year just completed.

The report highlights the continuation of our branding program and the development of our various on-line services, and provides detailed insight into the continued advancement of our acclaimed Social Security Advisory Service. In addition, reprints of many of the Foundation’s contributions to AMAC’s media sources are included, along with details covering our efforts on behalf of America’s Veteran Community. The Foundation’s financial picture is recapped in the report, along with a review of our organization’s Board of Directors and administrative leadership. To repeat a comment from the report’s opening, “All of us at the AMAC Foundation are grateful for the opportunity — and the responsibility–of providing services seniors need.” Please take a few moments to check us out and, as always, please let us know if you have any comments or questions about our activities!