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VA and Department of State

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(800) 698-2411

State: District of Columbia

Zip: 20419

VA, in collaboration with the Department of State, is once again opening applications for the Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) Internship Program for the 2024-2025 academic year. This virtual internship opportunity is designed for U.S. citizens who are passionate about serving our nation’s Veterans while gaining professional experience in digital communications and beyond.

Who can apply to this virtual internship?

To be a part of this internship, applicants must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be a high school graduate enrolled in a degree-seeking program in an accredited college or university
  • Be an Undergraduate, Graduate, or Doctorate Student for the duration of the internship/academic year
    • A student is an individual who is enrolled in a degree-seeking program in an accredited college or university
    • An individual is still considered a student if he/she has been out of school, between semesters or school years, for not more than five (5) months and has plans to return to school within five (5) months or less
    • An individual enrolled in school and receiving credit toward their degree for participating in the Student Internship Program is also considered a student
    • The student should attach an official or unofficial transcript to their application confirming current student status or confirmation of enrollment in school if no transcript is available.
    • You are eligible to apply for this program if you have not yet completed your registration at a college or university for graduate or post-graduate studies (including law school) or are awaiting an admissions determination for graduate or post-graduate studies (including law school). However, if selected for an internship, you must provide proof that you have registered, or have been accepted for enrollment for studies in the semester or quarter immediately following the internship before you can begin your internship.