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Zip: 60602

Cook County Veterans Treatment Court

The Reserve and National Guard service members have provided or are currently providing an invaluable service to our country.  In doing so, some may suffer from the effects of, including but not limited to, post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, depression and may also suffer from drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse problems.  As a result of this, some veterans or active duty service members come into contact with the criminal justice system and are charged with felony or misdemeanor offenses.

The Cook County Veterans Treatment Court is a unique program specifically designed for individuals who have served in the United States military and have become involved in the criminal justice system.  Those who agree to volunteer for the program are reviewed for eligibility by the State’s Attorney’s Office in order to ensure that their criminal background meets eligibility requirements.

The Veterans Treatment Court Team consists of:

  • The Circuit Court of Cook County
  • The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office
  • The Office of the Cook County Public Defender’s Office
  • The United States Department of Veterans Affairs
  • The Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Community based treatment and support agencies

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