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It is clear that the canine homeless population is a significant problem; many of these homeless canines find themselves in public and private shelters; many are brought to us moments before the final curtain.

Many of these animals are mixed breed dogs; many have been abandoned or dumped, surrendered to animal services, or found lying in the street.  Some have been rescued from terrible abuse, lack of care and little training which can mean that some may have behavioral issues. Many of these canines are large breeds, and due to the fact they have never been trained in appropriate behavior, they are not candidates for immediate integration into a typical family unit; the little dogs tend to get adopted quickly. It is proven, however, that even large dogs with apparent behavioral issues can, with appropriate training, caring and attention and a little love can be integrated into a family unit

It is a fact that some canines can never be adopted into a family unit due to behavior or health issues. It is recognized that while a rescue will be the forever home for these unfortunate animals, they deserve respect owed any and all living creatures. Therefore it is volunteers and staff that are the forever family for these unfortunate animals.  The longest dog to have stayed at Paws was just recently adopted after 8 years. 

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