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The AMAC Foundation, a Florida-based nonprofit, serves Seniors in a variety of meaningful ways, and our flagship program is our acclaimed “Social Security Advisory Service.” Our staff of trained and accredited professionals provide—free of charge—indispensable assistance to Seniors seeking to navigate the complexities of this vital program. One of the key aspects of this service is the Foundation’s “Ask Rusty” weekly Social Security Q&A news release, published to over 7,000 media outlets across the country in print and audio format.

The “Ask Rusty” publication question addressed in this item: Both my cousin and I served in the military starting in 1964. He completed his 4 years and got out; I served for 20 years. A few years ago we were visiting and he asked me if I was getting my Special Extra Earnings – approximately $300 – from Social Security? He said it’s because we served in the military when the pay was so low. When I returned home I checked with our local Social Security office and was told I was not getting the Special Extra Earnings because after I got out of the service I made too much money; I accepted their answer. Then I read a Social Security column iI am 61 years old.  I have a disability rating from the VA and I draw a military pension for my years of service.  How might my disability rating and my military pension affect my Social Security? Click on the Website Address noted above to read the article.