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Veterans Legislation

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Bill Cassidy (R-LA)


State: Washington DC

Zip: 20420

Supports veterans who own small businesses and also strives to reduce fraud within the Veterans Administration (VA). S. 3282 insists that veteran owned small businesses (VOSB), including those owned by veterans with service-related disabilities, certify compliance with rules to ensure that subcontracting constituting 50% or more of a VA-awarded contract must be with a VOSB classified as similarly situated, therefore limiting “pass-throughs” to larger subcontractors.


AMAC Letter of Support


Enacted Via Other Measures

Provisions of this bill were incorporated into other bills which were enacted.

This bill was incorporated into:

H.R. 561: Protecting Business Opportunities for Veterans Act of 2019
Enacted — Signed by the President on Oct 30, 2020. (compare text)