Here are some tips and suggestions on establishing a Purple Heart City or County. This is just a guide to assist in your efforts, and does not proclaim to be the “End-All” in the procedure.

I use a County Board of Supervisors (BOS) in the below outline, however, you can use the same information for a City Council or Board of Commissioners, etc. First, find out who on your BOS is the Veteran’s contact person. If there is no Supervisor assigned to this, contact the Board Chairperson or County person known to you, and ask for a face-to-face meeting.

Have with you a copy of the example Proclamation (click for two examples), and suggest they can use it as a guide in making their own. Be prepared to explain what your intent is ie, honoring all those who have sacrificed for their country .. those killed or wounded in combat ….

Make sure you advise him/her that it’s cost neutral; that it will not cost the County any money … any incurred cost will be absorbed by your chapter – such as plaques, highway signs, etc. This is an important point, as knowing that there is no cost involved will resolve any fiscal issue that might inhibit action.

You will probably be referred to the County Clerk to work up the Proclamation. Be sure she/he sends you a draft copy for your review and approval – before it’s finalized. It’s important you agree with the verbiage.
Once the Proclamation is firmed up, ask that the BOS presentation be placed on the agenda at least two weeks in advance. This gives you time to contact other Veterans organizations to attend the meeting, and for you to contact the newspaper / radio to publicize the event. Invite as many veterans you can – Ladies, other vets, all your members, etc.

If your BOS meetings are televised, ask the cameraman for copies on DVD – they may charge you, but some may honor our non-profit status and waive any charge. If they won’t waive the cost, pay the money – it’s well worth it to have a DVD of the presentation. If no filming is available, assign someone to video it.

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