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AMAC Foundation

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State: Florida

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The AMAC Foundation, a Florida-based nonprofit, serves Seniors in a variety of meaningful ways, and our flagship program is our acclaimed “Social Security Advisory Service.” Our staff of trained and accredited professionals provide—free of charge—indispensable assistance to Seniors seeking to navigate the complexities of this vital program. One of the key aspects of this service is the Foundation’s “Ask Rusty” weekly Social Security Q&A news release, published to over 7,000 media outlets across the country in print and audio format.

The “Ask Rusty” publication question addressed in this item: I am within a few weeks of applying for SS. My 70th Birthday is in April and I have stayed in my job for the maximum benefit from SS. I am also a veteran and so am taking my DD-214 with me to apply for the $300.00 or so extra dollars that is offered per month. Are there any other extra items I need to apply for? I keep hearing about a $16,000 benefit that I should apply for from SS but of course they never actually give you the specifics. Click on the Website Address noted above to read the article.