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Veterans Legislation

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Phil Roe (R-TN-01)


State: Washington DC

Zip: 20420

Would create a bipartisan commission to assess veterans’ eligibility for care within VA and make recommendations for how such eligibility could be revised and simplified. VA would be required to implement those recommendations made by the commission that VA deems appropriate and to determine which require legislation. The commission would be fully bipartisan and comprised of 15 commissioners appointed by the President, the Majority and Minority Leaders of the Senate, and the Speaker and Minority Leader of the House of Representatives. At least 6 commissioners would be veterans themselves while others would be experts in the delivery of care in VA, in the federal government, and in the private sector.


AMAC Letter of Support

Status: This bill was introduced on July 1, 2020, in a previous session of Congress, but it did not receive a vote.