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First City Recovery Center

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Many individuals throughout the United States suffer from substance use disorder. There are many variables that contribute to this mental health disorder; any combination of them could be the reason a person becomes addicted to a substance (or many different substances). Veterans in particular often face unique challenges when transitioning back to civilian life; sometimes these challenges may lead to substance abuse disorders. At First City Recovery Center, we offer mental health treatment in Indiana for people from all walks of life, including our veteran-specific treatment program.

The strains of military service, including combat stress, PTSD, and other related traumas, can increase the risk of substance use disorder. Understanding this, it’s imperative to provide specialized rehabilitation programs tailored to the distinct needs of our veterans. These programs aim not only to address substance abuse, but also to treat underlying mental health issues. Our PTSD treatment center in Indiana is closely tied to our veteran program, treating each individual and their unique experiences.