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Barrett Family Foundation

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The first military experience the Barrett family has was by John Paul Barrett, Sr. who served as an ensign in the World War II era. After seeing his father’s sacrifice for his country, Dr. John P. Barrett, Jr. went on to serve his country. He served as an Orthopedic surgeon. While serving in the armed services, He identified an issue many servicemen on the ground. The servicemen at the time were experiencing problems with their feet. He identified the cause to be the type of shoes they were wearing. He suggested changing the footwear to a shoe similar to a tennis shoe which solved the issue. While growing up, Brian C. Barrett, Sr. saw the success his father had in life, so he chose a path in the armed services as well. He became a Combat Medic in the army and served in desert storm and went on in life to dedicate himself to helping other veterans by mentoring and is now assisting his father to launch Barrett Family Veteran Advocacy.


Leadership – We strive to provide a path for others to follow.

Integrity – We demonstrate honesty and transparency in all we do.

Patriotism – We show pride in our family’s military service.

Dedication – We strive to assist transitioning veterans.

Advocacy – We offer support to veterans in learning the system.

Honor – We have sincere gratitude for those who serve in our armed services.