The Rebirth of American Patriotism

If you have ever felt the calling to get involved, look no further than AMAC Action. We need to come together, now more than ever, to preserve the values that have made America the greatest nation. As an AMAC member, you can volunteer to take an active role in one of our AMAC Action Advocacy Chapters.

An AMAC Action Chapter is a regional, community based, educational forum with the purpose of: educating AMAC members and like-minded conservative members of the community; networking, and participating in political discourse; learning about issues important to AMAC membership; sharing insight into specific legislation; gaining a stronger understanding of our nation’s founding documents in order to preserve our conservative and constitutional liberties and values.

The stronger our Chapters, the more weight AMAC carries when advocating for your rights in Congress. See how to get involved below.

Visit the AMAC Action website here