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Social Security Report Website

Americans on the threshold of retirement—along with those beginning to look long-term at their retirement plans—are faced with a bewildering array of options, policies, and decision criteria that must be evaluated to ensure that they make the right choices at the right time. Guidance to navigate these bureaucratic waters is scarce, often limited to simple assistance in completing the forms necessary to activate the decisions that must be made. Advice on what is right for the individual is difficult at best to come by.

Our Social Security Report website is a resource for anyone interested in the state of our country’s Social Security program, and includes these features:

  • Daily news feeds on major breaking news and legislative developments affecting Social Security
  • Questions and answers relevant to topics of interest to the public
  • A “toolkit” of resources site visitors can use in decision-making
  • An archive of documents on key Social Security issues
  • A link to AMAC’s proposal for prototype Social Security legislation

Designed originally as a service to Congressional Aides and their Senators and Representatives to stay abreast of developments and projections on Social Security and its related programs, the site has evolved to be much more than that. Its content, updated daily, and its attention to breaking news, have made it a ready source of facts, figures, and statistics on a wide variety of Social Security-related topics, with thousands of keyword searchable documents stored on the site.

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