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Medicare Report

Just like aging into retirement, reaching age 65 presents a bewildering array of options, policies, and decision criteria that must be evaluated to ensure the right health care choices are made at the right time. Guidance to navigate these bureaucratic waters is scarce, often limited to simple assistance in completing the forms necessary to activate the decisions that must be made. Advice on what is right for the individual is difficult at best to come by...our Medicare Report website is designed to help make the correct decisions.

Beginning with a fairly broad definition of Medicare’s history and the major milestones the program has passed since its 1965 enactment, and continuing through documentation of Medicare’s major components, our objective with this site is to help Americans understand their benefits and obligations as they participate in this critical program. In addition to Key background information, the site presents newsfeeds on developing information about all facets of Medicare and Healthcare in general. These newsfeeds, posted daily, are culled from a broad range of media sources, and are categorized as an aid to site visitors having an interest in tracking specific Medicare components.

The Medicare Report website ( was originally launched in late 2014 and, similar to the site, is designed to promote an awareness of what’s happening in the world of Medicare and health care in general. In addition to daily updates on breaking news, the site features a wealth of in-depth research conducted by Foundation staff covering the full scope of Medicare and its components.

Since its re-launch in 2015, the site has accumulated thousands of latest news posts covering a variety of areas related to Health Care. Like its Social Security Report companion site, the Medicare Report features keyword searchability, an attribute that enhances its usability as a research tool for for site visitors.

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