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Investor Fraud and Identity Theft

Why Consider This?

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Over $50 billion is lost each year to fraud. Recognizing the severity of this issue and its impact on American seniors, the AMAC Foundation has placed a priority on informing the public about the practices scam artists use, the common ways potential victims are targeted, and what individual investors can do to combat the problem.

Project Scope

The AMAC Foundation has designed a free seminar covering the basics of investor fraud and discussing steps everyday investors can take to protect themselves in today’s complex financial world. This information-packed session has been conducted three times so far, with an average attendance of about 50 participants so far. Future sessions will be scheduled on an as-requested basis.

The content of these seminars begins with a discussion of the types of financial fraud commonly happening today, focusing on real-life fraud situations and steps that could have been taken to prevent them. A variety of information sources residents can use to guard against unscrupulous brokers and financial agents are covered, as well as the warning signs potential investors should heed when considering the commitment of their money.

During the presentation, online information and broker validation software available free of charge to the public is illustrated. No special equipment is required to participate, although attendees are invited to bring a laptop or internet-enabled device to experience this software firsthand.

For this session, and in recognition of the growing concerns of America’s seniors, we have expanded the scope to include a discussion on identity theft, focusing on understanding the growing threat that this crime presents. We’ll also provide tips on what can be done to minimize the risk of falling victim to the deceit imposed by the criminal element.

The sessions are for informational purposes only. No investments are solicited, and no follow-up contacts are made.