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The Heart of the Veteran

About This Event

AMAC and its affiliate companies are staunch advocates on behalf of America’s Veterans, believing strongly that veterans issues should remain a highly visible priority for any administration and any community. As opportunities present themselves, AMAC’s resources champion these causes in order to underscore their importance. Locally, the AMAC Foundation has sponsored educational sessions covering benefits available to our Veterans, providing guidance on how to access these benefits.

As part of AMAC’s commitment to the Veteran community, the company and its non-profit affiliates AMAC Action and AMAC Foundation have joined forces on a major initiative–AMAC’s Veterans 2021 Project–designed to synchronize a number of our efforts in support of our American heroes. As part of this project, we’re proud to join forces with VITAS Healthcare to bring you a riveting discussion focused on understanding the impact of military culture and experiences, the issues encountered by caregivers serving combat veterans, and the myriad related services available for veterans and their families. The seminar’s goal is to honor the veterans’ preferences for end-of-life care and to provide them with the respect, recognition, comfort, and compassion they deserve through dignified treatment and quality care.

On Tuesday, January 25, we’ll conduct this highly informative session featuring VITAS Veteran Liaison Benedetto “Ban” Mongiovi, III. Ben is an Iraq war vet with deployment experience in Kuwait and Turkey, and a proud father of a battle-tested 82nd Airborne paratrooper and father-in-law to a Fort Carson, Colorado-based Soldier.

This seminar is being presented in a virtual format (Zoom), and will be recorded for on-demand availability via the Foundation’s website. For further information, please contact the Foundation office at 888-750-2622 or via email at [email protected].

January 25, 2022 @ 10:00 AM 11:30 AM

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