• November 14, 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • 225 W Guava Street
    Lady Lake, FL 32159 United States
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Smart, Assured Living for Seniors

About This Event

It’s a new concept, but one that’s rapidly gaining momentum. We’re talking about what many consider to be a natural evolution of what has become known as the “smart home” or the “connected home.” The technology that has worked its way into our daily lives–ideas like video doorbells, smart appliances, electronic virtual assistants, and the like–had as its main thrust the modernization of our living space for convenience and the broad spectrum of gadget control, and it’s now poised to explode into the realm of aging assistance and health services. Emerging from this convergence is a new concept many are calling “assured living,” a concept that one of its main proponents–Richfield, Minnesota’s Best Buy Co. Inc–describes as the use of technology “to help adult children remotely check in on the health and safety of their aging parents.”

So, what does all this mean? Assured living is a natural extension of the smart home concept, aimed at helping seniors accomplish what an estimated 90% of them prefer to do: live out their later years in their own home. The concept extends communication technologies to help seniors live independently in their familiar surroundings, facilitating electronic connections with their remote family members. Likewise, the concept can enable health care providers to be included in this support network, with the end result being a cohesive, easy-to-navigate electronic environment that reinforces quality of life.

Our upcoming seminar will focus on how smart home devices and their supporting technologies interact cooperatively to support an aging population. Whether it’s environmental control, specific device control, or external communication aids, the objective is to provide an atmosphere of convenience, safety, and security for a segment of the population projected to encompass 70 million Americans by the year 2030.  Here are the details that will be covered:

  • Whole Home Wi-Fi Systems
  • Smart Devices
    • voice assistants
    • smart locks
    • smart lights
    • smart outlets and smart switches
    • smart thermostats
    • robot vacuums
  • Assistive Technology
    • GPS-based communications assistance
    • Remote medical and health monitoring devices
    • Automated medical reminders
    • Tablet-based communications assistants
    • Hearing and conversation aids
  • Assured Living
    • Remote monitoring of the loved one’s home
    • Communicating with loved ones remotely

Join us for a lively review of this rapidly growing concept. As always, there is no charge for this seminar, and light refreshments will be provided.



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