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Do You Know About All Resources
AMAC Foundation Provides?
Start 2023 off on the right foot - learn about all of the resources that AMAC Foundation provides the community. Although focused on seniors and Veterans, AMAC Foudnation networks and connects with people and organizations that provide information and services to all populations and ages.
Event 1 AMAC Foundation has a dedicated team of accredited professionals that provides free information and responses to those who inquire with Social Security Benefits questions. The team is engaged in staying up to date on current information and training. Information on services:

Event 1 One of the ways they remain current is reading and tracking information that is shared / reposted on the Social Security Report and Medicare Report websites. In addition, pre-recorded audio on specific topics can be found on the Audios page, including Ask Rusty and Instant Academy that are recorded routinely.

To reach our team, please submit a question or request information:

Call 888-750-2622
Email: [email protected]
Event 1 AMAC Foundation routinely informs and educates America's seniors through articles posted on their News & Info page on the website, as well as facilitating or working with other organizations to promote helpful events and resources.

Event 1 Foundation Veteran Outreach Program (FVOP) helps connect Veterans to resources, events, calls to action, and other tools. Powered by AMAC Foundation and through coordination with other organizations, the goal is to grow a resource database and strengthen networks to be a pivotal force in helping America's Veterans.

We hope this helps you connect with us to find information, request specific topics, or dive into beneficial resources. Keep visiting the websites and our social media for updates!
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