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Your April 2020 AMAC Foundation Newsletter
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Foundation Seminars Now in a Holding Pattern (Like Most Everything Else)
As you've probably noticed, our March 31 "New to Medicare" seminar was postponed indefinitely, and we'll need to reschedule the April 21 start-up of the "Sudden Death: Are You Prepared" notebook series workshop. These are uncertain times, but we remain hopeful that not too far down the road we'll be able to get back into the business of "supporting and educating America's seniors" through our informative public service seminars.

In the meantime, our Foundation staff has re-deployed to a work-at-home mode, but we're staying in touch electronically and we're available via telephone and email. As noted in a post on our Social Security Report website, our Social Security Advisory Service remains open during this crisis period with our certified Advisors available to handle your inquiries.

Stay tuned to the Foundation website for updates on our activities, and stay safe and healthy!

"We must make sure that we all have each other's back and that we all get through this catastrophe together, without leaving anyone behind."

Abhijit Naskar,
One of the world's celebrated Neuroscientists
Online Registration for Foundation Seminars and Workshops Now available!
Even though we're temporarily out of business with respect to our seminar and workshop series, we wanted to let you know that we've made a substantial improvement in the process for registering for an event. It's pretty easy to the "Event" announcement on the Foundation website, just click on the seminar or workshop you want to attend and look for the RSVP icon (shown below). Click on it, and follow the steps to register

If you have any difficulties with the online registration, just give us a call at the Foundation office (888-750-2622), or email us at [email protected].

We're looking forward to resuming our seminars and workshops as soon as restrictions are lifted...we really miss the contact with those we serve!
Social Security Advisory Services Reaches a Milestone!
(Excerpted from our 3/20/2020 Social Security Report post) Our Advisory Service, established in 2016, has grown to be a vital source of help to seniors as they deal with this massive benefit program. With five trained and accredited Advisors, we have responded to more than 10,000 requests for assistance since our 2016 launch, and have been instrumental in helping constituents make the decisions so critical to their financial well-being. Providing credible, unbiased information to people in, or aging into, Social Security is fundamental to the Foundation's mission of supporting and educating America's Seniors.

Also as noted in our Social Security Report post, we've taken steps at the Foundation to maintain the continuity of our Advisory Service during the pandemic disruption sweeping the country. By re-deploying our certified Advisors to work at home and providing the necessary communication equipment to receive and respond to requests, we are able to remain seamlessly available to those who need us as they navigate the complexities of Social Security. And, as always, this service is provided to the general public free of charge. Learn more about this service here...

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