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Social Security Advisory Concierge Program Launches!
The first retail engagement under our recently developed Social Security Advisory Concierge Program completed successfully Wednesday, March 2 at Central Florida Electric Cooperative in Chiefland, Florida. Beginning with a briefing on February 28 for the Cooperative's Board of Directors and selected senior staff members, the engagement followed with two full days of general employee briefings during which our Advisory Staff covered the scope of the U.S. Social Security system and handled questions on the material as it was presented. Then, on the afternoons of March 1 and 2, our staff remained on location to counsel individual employees on their personal situations.

Based on the experience we've obtained from this engagement and the pilot program conducted last year at Sumter Electric Cooperative, we are even more optimistic about the role that this Concierge Program will play in the future of our Social Security Advisory Service! The content for these briefings addresses the basics that everyone should know, from benefit eligibility to how benefits are calculated, as well as the critical issues that face folks approaching the filing decision point. For example, like how early or late filing affect benefit amounts, and working after claiming and before full retirement age, just to name a few. We also cover the issue of how benefits are taxed at the federal level, something important for filers to be aware of, as well as issues related to spousal benefits, disability, and the intersection of Social Security and Medicare. All in all, the Program affords companies the opportunity to provide a critical service for their employees in the area of retirement planning.

"Social Security is legally prohibited from contributing to the deficit. It cannot use debt to pay out benefits."

-Ted Deutch,-
American Politician
Social Security Update - 2022 Edition Video Now available
On Thursday, March 3, our Social Security Advisory staff conducted its annual Update Seminar at the Lady Lake Library. As with our normal practice, the seminar was live streamed for remote access, and the session was recorded for posting on the Foundation's website. To view the two-hour video, visit the website's "Videos" page and, if you'd like a copy of the presentation materials used during the seminar, contact the Foundation office (888-750-2622 or via email at [email protected]) and we'll send you a PDF of the slides.

The photos below provide a visual recap of the event: (top , the main presenters [L-to-R] Eileen Cook, Arlene Sharp. Ken Baron, and Russell Gloor); middle, moderator Gerry Hafer); bottom, Ken Baron addressing the audience.

Foundation Launches New Social Security Program
Our experiences with the Google for Non-Profits campaign over the past year have demonstrated that the preferred way to deliver tips and techniques about complicated programs like Social Security is via audio recordings. Our "Ask Rusty" weekly program, for example, was greatly enhanced with the addition of an audio release made available to radio stations and loaded on our website for visitor access, and the recorded versions of the daily drivetime program we ran a while ago on Washington, D.C. Metro-area radio station WFAX continue to generate considerable traffic for our Social Security Advisory Service.

With the success of audio as a communication medium, we continued to look for ways to deliver Social Security information in a format more conducive to public interest (let's face it...reading back and white reports about something like Social Security can lean toward boring!). And we hit upon another approach that we're trying out starting this month...a program designed to present 1- to 2-minute Social Security related facts and tips, condensed in a way that intends to attract attention. Initially, the brief recording will be posted on the Foundation's Facebook page, and later stored on the Foundation website's "Audios" page with keyword searchability.

The program will launch in mid-March, so let us know what you think!

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